Third Party Fellowships

Below is a list of third-party fellowships that may be of interest to ISHA members.

If you offer a fellowship that you would like to have featured here, please contact the Secretariat at

American Hip Institute — Comprehensive Hip Fellowship
Location:Chicago, Illinois
Supervisor:Benjamin Domb, MD
Duration:One Year (5 positions)
Start Date:8 August
Stipend:Up to $80,000 USD commensurate with PGY level
Hip Preservation Surgery and Hip Joint Replacement
Location:Clínica Imbanaco - Grupo Quirino Salud Cali - Colombia
Supervisor:Bernardo Aguilera-Bohorquez
Duration:One year (2 fellows per year)
Start Date:1 February and 1 August
Stipend:By negotiation
Thames Valley Hip Arthroscopy Fellowship
Location:Reading, United Kingdom
Supervisor:Mr Tony Andrade
Duration:One year
Start Date:By negotiation
Stipend:Proportionate to experience
Cambridge Young Adult Hip Fellowship
Location:Addenbrooke’s - Cambridge University Hospital, UK
Supervisor:Mr Vikas Khanduja
Duration:6 months / One year
Start Date:August
Stipend:£40k per annum
Core Fellowship (inclusive of core muscles & hip)
Location:Vincera Institute, Philadelphia, PA, USA
Supervisor:Dr William C Meyers
Duration:One year
Start Date:Open
Stipend:Contact for more information
Hip Preservation and Replacement Surgery Fellowship
Location:Lyon, France
Supervisor:Dr Nicolas Bonin
Duration:6 months
Start Date:1 May and 1 November
Stipend:Please contact
The William H. Harris Career Development Award in Hip Preservation Co-sponsored by the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at Washington University School of Medicine and the ANCHOR Study Group
Location:Participating ANCHOR sites
Supervisor:Dr John Clohisy
Duration:3 months
Start Date:Site visits can be consecutive or independent during the program year
Stipend:Please contact
Michigan State University/Spectrum Health Hip Preservation and Sports Medicine Fellowship
Location:Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA
Supervisor:Dr Travis Menge
Duration:One year
Start Date:August
Stipend:PGY-6 Level
Steadman Hawkins Clinic Knee, Shoulder, and Hip Reconstruction Sports Medicine Fellowship
Location:Vail CO, USA
Supervisor:J. Richard Steadman, MD , Peter J. Millett, MD , Marc J. Philippon, MD
Duration:One year
Start Date:August 1 to July 31
Stipend:€60,000 per annum
Clinical Research Fellow: Hip Arthroscopy/Reconstruction and Groin Sports Surgery
Location:The Hip and Groin Clinic, Waterford, Ireland
Supervisor:Mr Patrick Carton
Duration:One year
Start Date:By negotiation
Stipend:€60,000 per annum
Perth Sports Surgery Fellowship
Location:Perth, Western Australia
Supervisor:Dr Peter D’Alessandro
Duration:6 months
Start Date:February and August
Stipend:AUD 150,000 p.a. (pro rata)
CU Hip Clinic: Complete Open and Arthroscopic Hip Preservation Fellowship
Location:Boulder, Colorado, USA
Supervisor:Dr. Omer Mei-Dan, MD: Program Director; Dr. Jessica Lee, MD: Co-Supervisor
Duration:6 -12 months (1 - 2 positions available)
Start Date:August 1
Stipend:PGY-6 commensurate salary