ISHA Patient Information Committee

The ISHA Patient Information Committee’s mission is to compile materials and activities to develop ISHA’s role in patient information. Our long-term aim is to be the premier source of patient information in the field of hip preservation.

The ISHA patient information offering will centre around three pillars, comprising: patient resources, research in patient information and education of ISHA members in how to inform patients in the best possible way. To help achieve this, we have a wealth of initiatives being planned, including website content and leaflets, online events, videos, animations, instructional courses and research projects.

Patient Information Committee Members

  • Marcelo Queiroz – Brazil (Chair)
  • Mat Brick – New Zealand*
  • Daniel Camacho – Chile*
  • Roxana Viamont-Guerra – Brazil*
  • Bryan Graham – USA*
  • Barry Getz – South Africa*
  • Michael Wettstein – Switzerland
  • Jit Balakumar – Australia*

* Denotes non-member of ISHA Board

Meet the Patient Information Committee Chair

ISHA Patient Information Committee Chair

Dr Marcelo Queiroz, MD, MSc
São Paulo, Brazil

Dr. Marcelo Queiroz is an orthopedist, hip specialist, with proven experience in arthroscopy and arthroplasty.​ His goal is to focus on excellence, providing humanized, individualized and efficient service. ​He is an assistant physician in the Hip group of the Orthopedics Department of Santa Casa de São Paulo, where he has teaching and research activities linked to the Faculty of Medical Sciences of Santa Casa de São Paulo.​