ISHA Founding Members

Paris, France, location of the 2011 Annual Scientific Meeting of ISHA - The Hip Preservation Society, and city in which the Society was founded in 2008

ISHA – The Hip Preservation Society, originally the International Society for Hip Arthroscopy (ISHA), was an organisation which had been discussed for many years, albeit in principle, by many of the leading figures in hip arthroscopy throughout the world.

By 2008 it was clear that such a society was required, so advantage was taken of the Paris hip arthroscopy meeting in May that year. At the Foundation Meeting it was remarkable how united the Founding Members were, and how keen each member was to encourage others to join, clearly subject to certain membership criteria.

Each Founding Member agreed to form part of an initial Executive Committee, whose format and membership would clearly change over time. Rules for membership were discussed and laid down, tasks proposed and accepted, and locations for Annual General Meetings for the succeeding four years were agreed.

The Foundation Meeting, held on 18 May 2008 at Hôtel Le Méridien Etoile, Paris, France, was completed within three hours with total unity from all those present. A Constitution was agreed and Minutes prepared.

Founding Members of ISHA

Founding Members of ISHA - The Hip Preservation Society, from left to right: Thierry Boyer, Giancarlo Polesello, Robert Buly, Victor Ilizaliturri, Michael Dienst, Thomas G Sampson, Richard Villar, Marc J Philippon, Joseph C McCarthy, John O’Donnell, Thomas Byrd, Hassan Sadri

From left to right:

  • Thierry Boyer
  • Giancarlo Polesello
  • Robert Buly
  • Victor Ilizaliturri
  • Michael Dienst
  • Thomas G Sampson
  • Richard Villar
  • Marc J Philippon
  • Joseph C McCarthy
  • John O’Donnell
  • Thomas Byrd
  • Hassan Sadri