History of ISHA

ISHA – The Hip Preservation Society has been the creation of many individuals, each united by a common interest in the expanding arena of hip preservation. At its outset, hip arthroscopy attracted the surgical and scientific innovator, the clinician with an eye for the unusual idea. Instrumentation was often handmade and company support was lacking.

The Society (originally the International Society for Hip Arthroscopy) was officially formed in Paris (France) in May 2008 with a focus on hip arthroscopic surgery, and its Founding Members represent but a few of the many individuals around the world who are interested in this evolving area of hip surgery.

In 2013, ISHA became an unincorporated Membership Society in Switzerland, at which time also saw the establishment of the “Fondation de la société internationale pour l’arthroscopie de la hanche”, a separate foundation to promote education and training in hip arthroscopy.

Group photo of members of ISHA - The Hip Preservation Society in 2022

2018 saw International Society for Hip Arthroscopy evolve to extend its reach as a membership organisation to not only represent the hip arthroscopy community but to also represent those involved in open hip preservation, injury prevention, rehabilitation, physiotherapy and sports injury. This extended outreach saw the Society rename as ISHA – The Hip Preservation Society to reflect the wider international community it represents today.

As part of the continued evolution as the premier international society to promote hip preservation, ISHA became a charitable incorporated organisation (CIO) in 2022, registered in the UK. This offered the Society not only an incorporated status, but also recognised the role that ISHA has taken to educate and train the international hip preservation community (whether members or not) with the aim of improving patient treatment and outcomes irrespective of their geographical location. It also reflected our objective of improving patient outcomes through enhanced patient education, and earlier intervention through improved screening and detection.

Now, training courses around the world are frequently oversubscribed, peer-reviewed publications are increasing in number and hip arthroscopic surgery is well established. ISHA is leading in the use of new technologies including AI/AR and VR to enhance the learning path for in the training and education of both the healthcare and patient communities.

The ISHA Family

Below you will find videos of some of our members explaining what ISHA means to them: