ISHA Regional Societies Committee

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The ISHA Regional Societies Subcommittees are responsible for the overview, care and support of regional activities and meetings, as well as establishing and maintaining relationships with regional and national societies.

The current Subcommittees comprise LATAM, Asia and MEAFT (Middle East, Africa & Turkey), but others are expected to be added in future.

ISHA LATAM Subcommittee

The LATAM Subcommittee represents 20 countries from North, Central and South America plus Portugal and Spain, with a population estimated at more than 650 million people.

Its goals are:

  • increase representation and membership in this area
  • increase ISHA presence in local meetings
  • develop and support regional activities
  • connect to national and regional societies and promote ISHA
  • work together with the ISHA Board and Committees representing LATAM members

Most recently the LATAM Subcommittee has been working to increase integration and cooperation with other hip preservation societies in the Spanish and Portuguese-speaking world. Agreements will bring new benefits for both ISHA members and members of our new partner societies.

LATAM Subcommittee Members

  • Ricardo Munafó – Argentina (Chair)*
  • Bernardo Aguilera – Colombia*
  • Fernando Comba – Argentina*
  • Dante Parodi – Chile*
  • Pedro Dantas – Portugal*
  • Marco Teloken – Brazil*
  • Henrique Cabrita – Brazil*
  • Paulo Rego – Portugal*

* Denotes non-member of ISHA Board

ISHA Asia Subcommittee

The Asia Subcommittee exists to represent the interests of ISHA members and to increase membership in the Asia/Australasia region. Focus areas include maintaining links with national/regional hip societies, organising and promoting local activities and meetings, raising the profile of hip preservation in the region, and bringing knowledge and experience from the region to the international stage through ISHA.

Asia Subcommittee Members

  • Soshi Uchida – Japan (Chair)
  • Jason Brockwell – Hong Kong (Vice Chair)
  • Dadang Sasetyo – Indonesia*
  • Yi-Sheng Chan – Taiwan*
  • Chunbao Li – China*
  • Ruslan Nazaruddin – Malaysia*
  • Pil Whan Yoon – South Korea*
  • Kotaro Shibata – Japan*
  • Jiwu Chen – China*
  • Azmi Abdul Latif – Malaysia*
  • Ajay Lall – USA/India*

* Denotes non-member of ISHA Board

ISHA MEAFT Subcommittee

The Middle East, Africa & Turkey (MEAFT) Subcommittee has been formed to create a long-term legacy from the ISHA 2023 Meeting in Cape Town, with the aim to raise awareness and interest in hip preservation surgery on the African continent and continue both discussion and actions to meet the needs of this region identified in regional surveys and in the conversations and forum discussions during the Africa pre-conference programme held in Cape Town. 

MEAFT Subcommittee Members

  • Josip “Chuck” Cakic – South Africa (Chair)*
  • Hatem Said – Egypt (Vice Chair)*
  • Jurek Pietrzak – South Africa*
  • Immanuel de Wilde – South Africa*
  • Barry Getz – South Africa*
  • Samuel Owinga – Kenya*
  • Jonathan Conroy – UAE*
  • Baris Kocaoglu – Turkey*
  • Marcelo Queiroz – Brazil
  • Olufemi Ayeni – Canada
  • Tony Andrade – UK*
  • Hennie Bosch – South Africa*

* Denotes non-member of ISHA Board

Meet the Regional Subcommittee Chairs

LATAM Subcommittee Chair

ISHA Member Ricardo Munafo
ISHA Member Ricardo Munafo

Dr Ricardo M Munafó, MD
Buenos Aires, Argentina

MD Title 1978. Specialist in Orthopaedic Surgery. 1983 in Residence of navy hospital in Buenos Aires. Fellowship in Orthopaedic Surgery. CHU Angers, France 1987/1988.
Becoming Chief Orthopaedic Surgery. and Traumatology Service, Sanatorio de la Trinidad, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Membership Asociación Argentina de ortopedia y Traumatología, Asociación Argentina de Cirugia de cadera y rodilla(ACARO), AAKS, AAOS.

Asia Subcommittee Chair

Dr Soshi Uchida, MD, PhD
Fukuoka, Japan

Dr Soshi Uchida MD is a nationally and internationally renowned orthopaedic sports medicine surgeon who has been practicing his passion, orthopaedic surgery, for the last two decades. He specializes in hip arthroscopy, treatment of Femoroacetabular impingement (FAI), Developmental Dysplasia of the hips (DDH), ACL and/or PCL reconstruction, elbow arthroscopy, shoulder arthroscopy and ankle arthroscopy. ​​

Asia Subcommittee Vice Chair

ISHA Member Jason Brockwell

Dr Jason Brockwell, FRCSEd(Orth)
Hong Kong

Jason Brockwell is an orthopaedic surgeon specialising in hip surgery.
He performs hip arthroscopy, pelvic and femoral osteotomy, and hip resurfacing and hip replacement including revision procedures.
He is based in Hong Kong and also consults in Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou. He is a member of asia medical specialists, a multi-sub-specialty private physician group.

MEAFT Subcommittee Chair

ISHA Member Josip "Chuck" Cakic

Dr Josip “Chuck” Cakic, MD, PhD, FCS(SA)Orth, MMed(Orth) WITS
Johannesburg, South Africa

Dr Josip Nenad Cakic, known as Chuck, born in Zagreb, Croatia 1st of March 1965. Medical qualification, MD, achieved in the School of Medicine, University of Zagreb, Croatia, 1989. Immigrated to South Africa in 1991, where started as an Intern in JG Strydom, WITS University Hospital. FCS(SA)Orth graduated at WITS University, November 1998. Immediately after graduation, Chuck joined the Hip and Knee Arthroplasty Fellowship with Prof. Dr F.A. Weber, finding specific interest in the hip. Very close working relationship with Prof Weber continued for many years, and resulted with Philosophy Doctor Degree (PhD) in Orthopaedic Surgery in 2009. At the same time, Dr Cakic was working on establishing his Private Practice. Coming in contact with younger, sport oriented patients and having a special interest in hip joint, since beginning of 2000, he started with developing of Hip Arthroscopy in South Africa.

MEAFT Subcommittee Vice Chair

ISHA Member Hatem Said

Prof Hatem G Said, MD
Assiut, Egypt

Dr Said is currently a Professor in Assiut University, Egypt, who was awarded the State Encouragement Prize for Medical Sciences in 2012. He is the Head of the Arthroscopy and Sports Injury Unit in Assiut University. His medical training and most of the post graduate training was in Assiut University Hospital. He went to the UK for Training 2001-2002, and then as a Senior Shoulder Arthroscopy Fellow in ROH, 2005. His fellowship training on Hip Arthroscopy was in Germany in 2010. He has taught on numerous international meetings and courses in the field of Hip, Shoulder and Knee Arthroscopy.