ISHA Regional Societies Committee

The ISHA Regional Societies Subcommittees are responsible for the overview, care and support of regional activities and meetings, as well as establishing and maintaining relationships with regional and national societies.

The current Subcommittees comprise LATAM and Asia, but others are expected to be added in future.

ISHA LATAM Subcommittee

The LATAM Subcommittee represents 20 countries from North, Central and South America plus Portugal and Spain, with a population estimated at more than 650 million people.

Its goals are:

  • increase representation and membership in this area
  • increase ISHA presence in local meetings
  • develop and support regional activities
  • connect to national and regional societies and promote ISHA
  • work together with the ISHA Board and Committees representing LATAM members

Most recently the LATAM Subcommittee has been working to increase integration and cooperation with other hip preservation societies in the Spanish and Portuguese-speaking world. Agreements will bring new benefits for both ISHA members and members of our new partner societies.

LATAM Subcommittee Members

  • Marcelo Queiroz – Brazil (Chair)
  • Carlos Guanche – USA*
  • Carlos Vassalo – Brazil*
  • Christian Foronda – Chile*
  • Juan Gomez-Hoyos – Colombia*
  • Leandro Calil De Lazari – Brazil
  • Leandro Ejnisman – Brazil*
  • Oliver Marín-Peña – Spain*
  • Ricardo Munafó – Argentina*
  • Victor Ilizaliturri – Mexico*

* Denotes non-member of ISHA Board

ISHA Asia Subcommittee

The Asia Subcommittee exists to represent the interests of ISHA members and to increase membership in the Asia/Australasia region. Focus areas include maintaining links with national/regional hip societies, organising and promoting local activities and meetings, raising the profile of hip preservation in the region, and bringing knowledge and experience from the region to the international stage through ISHA.

Asia Subcommittee Members

  • Soshi Uchida – Japan (Chair)
  • Jason Brockwell – Hong Kong
  • Josip “Chuck” Cakic – South Africa*
  • Marc R Safran – USA*
  • Allston J Stubbs – USA
  • Hal Martin – USA*
  • Joseph McCarthy – USA*
  • Gen Lin Foo – Singapore*
  • Ajay Lall – USA/India*

* Denotes non-member of ISHA Board

Meet the Regional Subcommittee Chairs

LATAM Subcommittee Chair

Dr Marcelo Queiroz, MD, MSc
São Paulo, Brazil

Dr. Marcelo Queiroz is an orthopedist, hip specialist, with proven experience in arthroscopy and arthroplasty.​ His goal is to focus on excellence, providing humanized, individualized and efficient service. ​He is an assistant physician in the Hip group of the Orthopedics Department of Santa Casa de São Paulo, where he has teaching and research activities linked to the Faculty of Medical Sciences of Santa Casa de São Paulo.​

Asia Subcommittee Chair

Dr Soshi Uchida, MD, PhD
Fukuoka, Japan

Dr Soshi Uchida MD is a nationally and internationally renowned orthopaedic sports medicine surgeon who has been practicing his passion, orthopaedic surgery, for the last two decades. He specializes in hip arthroscopy, treatment of Femoroacetabular impingement (FAI), Developmental Dysplasia of the hips (DDH), ACL and/or PCL reconstruction, elbow arthroscopy, shoulder arthroscopy and ankle arthroscopy. ​​