Delegates of the Africa Day Programme organised as part of the 2023 Annual Scientific Meeting of ISHA - The Hip Preservation Society in Cape Town, South Africa

ISHA Annual Scientific Meetings - The importance of legacy

Whilst the hosting of the annual scientfic meeting involves hundreds of hours of pre planning for three to four days of meeting in person, this is only the beginning of the journey.  The longevity of the new research and education presented, as well as the connections made, extends way beyond the days we meet.

This has never been more important than for the ISHA 2023 Annual Scientific Meeting.  The content has been captured and will shortly be available for CME on demand access.  ISHA 2023 will also act as an incupator to launch new longer term activitities for the Society and charity, which will not only benefit the hip preservation community on the Africa continent but also wider patient benefit worldwide.

The hosting of ISHA 2023 Annual Scientific Meeting in Cape Town, and working with our members and partners is very much the beginning of journey in the region, not the end.

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